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The South Coast Special Suit


If the word "Mod" invokes men in sharp suits taking more than average care of how they look - but with a touch of menace, not mince - then that is in buffed leather step with the Earl of Bedlam philosophy. We aim to dress men who can handle a second glance, who dress with the intent of being noticed: elegance with edge for society's outlaws.

Bedlam's design studio is a gallery hung askew with sidelined pioneers, urban radicals, street urchins and wandering hobo misfits - these are all bees that pollinate Bedlam’s invention. Mods are part of that crew, and definitely a touch OCD with all that chrome to polish and badges to collect, and of course Earl of Bedlam excels at eccentric accents and fastidious finish.

This is a blue tonic mohair suit with pure silk golden lining - what Ace Face / Sting from Quadrophenia would have worn when he got a bit older and richer. The "South Coast Special" is cut from the mod's two-tone cloth of choice. According to which angle the searchlight hits, it's more blue or black - like the Brighton sea as the sun goes down, or a proper shiner. The lining is pure silk crepe in a golden yellow for the bump of adrenalin when the fight's on. And the buttons are two-tone shell with a natural warp - same as a vinyl record left in the sun (photos below). It's a three button single breasted fitted gang leader with a five button working cuff. The trousers are exposed button fly with Earl of Bedlam's trademark deep waistband (ladies and matadors have known this a long time - it holds tummy, should one have a little surplus, in), cut loser round the thigh, narrowing to ruche at the ankle.
Made for a reception on October 1st, 2012 to mark the close of the current Lord Mayor of London's year of office in which he championed the Campaign for Wool. It will retail for £1800 for a two-piece, £2100 for three.