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The General Patton Smokin'Jeep Coat


We made a waterproof Jeep coat, two of them, one in olive green, one in "blaze" orange. We thought it needed "something" extra so quilted the collars, immediately bestowing an air of "Smoking Jacket" upon the garments. Who would smoke in an open top armoured vehicle on a drizzly day, we pondered... there's only one man after whom we can name these, the best dressed legend that is General Patton. Our "Helen" coat is named for his granddaughter and his great grandson Ingmar did an internship with us so we think we're allowed.

These are 100% waterproof being made of the miracle fabric Ventile which is 100% cotton. It was invented at Manchester University and used for the fighter pilots' suits in WWII to buy them extra time if they had to ditch into the sea.

The silk lining is printed with the bark of the London Plane Tree such as is dubbed, in a beautiful turn of phrase,"London's benign militia" in an essay by The trees stand guard over Kennington and much of our city processing pollution exceptionally effectively. Their bark has the appearance of military camouflage.

Biker zips in the sleeves reveal an insert of the silk lining and buttoned straps can be tightened over these. There is an "antique bronze" metal clip attached to the side of the belt and the same at the neck for when the weather turns particularly fierce. Vanquish rain in your jacket then smoke a cigar. And that's an order soldier.