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The Double Agent classic trench


Rory asked us to make him a classic trench coat because everything is so messed about and over "fashion-ized" these days that it's surprisingly hard to find and he'd wasted enough hours on Regent Street trying to find one.

Ours is made from the British wonder fabric Ventile (R) which you can choose in a variety of colours. The one illustrated is Antique Bronze with the buggy lining (ie as far down as the shoulder blades) in olive, as is the binding on the seams. Ventile is 100% cotton and as impermeable as you can get without being laminated. It was invented at Manchester University and was used to make the WWII fighter pilots' spying suits. If they had to ditch into water it bought them crucial life-saving time to be picked up.

All the classic details are there - horn buttons, leather buckles, and the D-ring on the belt for your hand grenades (not supplied).

We call it the Double Agent as Earl of Bedlam and Ventile together make an uncrackable combination.