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The Bobby Darin bomber jacket


This is a smooth bit of kit, smooth to the touch but deadly sharp in style, with two silver zips that flash, dear, like shark's teeth. IN THEORY, but I'm not in a hurry to test this, it's machine washable on a low temperature, being made of a 70 / 30% Modal / poly mix on the outside and lined with 100% cotton.
We have one standard size 42 made but will make up more in other sizes now we've perfected the pattern! Interesting to note (we think so ergo it is) is that Mr Wesley and Richard, more different body shapes you could not conjure, are both wearing the same size jacket in these photos and it works a charm on both. Richard wore his straight to the airport - the big patch pockets are perfect for passport, boarding pass and whatever you need to make a quick get away when you've done something rash.