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Macsimum Protection Raincoat


Our raincoat is made from British wonder fabric Ventile (R). It has the Bedlam trademark biker zip in the sleeve, contrast under colour, slanted pocket flaps and picked out button hole.

The cotton fibres react like Roman shields to water, locking it out. It was invented at Manchester University and used in the Second World War for fighter pilots' uniforms - if they had to ditch in the sea it bought them twenty more minutes in the water in which to be picked up. It was also used for firemen's hoses, that waterproof enough for you? They'll never say it's 100% impervious because there's always some twit with too much time on their hands who'll stand under a shower for seven straight hours then write a letter in green ink saying a drop of water came through and asking for a refund. But used in a sensible way, this'll keep you crisp'n'dry.

We've made our samples in navy with red contrast, and the limelight hogger, blaze orange, but you can choose from stone, black, charcoal, olive green, racing green, cinnamon and er... more, ask for details!