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Doc Holliday waistcoat


Long and lean, Doc Holliday was a native of Georgia, and, by all accounts, a good tipper. When Jeff commissioned this piece from us he was working in the Buccleugh and Queensbury Arms bar-restaurant / Saloon in the Scottish Borders so we think he would have appreciated that.

Gentlemen from the southern states turn themselves out nicely, even when there's blood on their boots, so this is a hybrid of the north and the Wild West. The one illustrated was made from two Holland & Sherry' patterns of the deluxe "Highland Glen" range, a 100% wool worsted that can "withstand the rigours of walking and exposure to the elements on weathered moors that are covered in bracken, gorse and thorny brambles."

The different patterns of the range "reflect the dramatic Scottish landscape with its myriad of beautiful colours: muted greens, heather purples and blues, earthy browns and granite greys. The complexity and depth of these landscape colours is achieved by twisting yarns of complementary colours together, resulting in a rich & opulent woven cloth."

We lassoed real horn buttons for it too.