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Charlie Chaplin Boots, drawn by Tom Burke to make you Smile tee


Announced on Charlie Chaplin's birthday, April 16th, the latest in our star turn guest artist tees is actor Tom Burke's interpretation of the great actor-director one time Kennington resident's "Little Tramp" boots. £10 from every sale will go to Operation Smile, a charity dear to Tom's heart. Read about their work for children born with cleft lips or palates at

Chaplin wrote a poignantly beautiful song call "Smile" and you can pick your favourite from these interpretations or celebrate the differences, enjoy all three:

An EoB tee by Tom B of the boots worn by CC. What's not to smile about? Pictured is Tom holding Brian, Hound of Bedlam, in our studio. Neither of them is technically smiling, in appropriately, as Tom is smouldering and Brian is, well, sticking out his tongue.

As we go to press, Tom is dipping his brush and licking his pencil, so we can't show you yet the finished artwork but if you are brave enough to preorder we will pass the money on to OS as the orders come in.

The t-shirts are high quality, soft white 30% organic cotton mixed with 70% viscose bamboo pulp for a sensuous silky feel. In standard ladies sizes, a small would be a 10: a medium, a 12; a large is 14: an XL is a 16; and last but most gorgeous, an XXL is an 18. These are not fitted, they are straight up and down so chaps generally know what they wear in terms of s,m,l etc but for those who like their numbers crunched:
small chest is 49cm;
medium 52cm;
large 55cm;
XL 58cm;
XXL 60cm