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Brian Hound of Bedlam Year of the Dog 2018 tee

£60.00 - On Sale

As we're cooking in the Dog Days of Summer right now, we're offering a red hot deal until August 11th (when, according to Bedlam's bedtime reading, the Old Farmers's Almanac, they are done'n'dusted): £20 off both styles (so £60 and £40 respectively), to match the special exhibition gift shop rate at James Johnston's art show on at the Former Library on the Walworth Road.

To celebrate the New Year of the Dog in Chinese astrology, 2018, Brian, Hound of Bedlam has been depicted by rock god - and now acclaimed figurative artist - James Johnston, front man of Gallon Drunk; solo artist; multi-instrumentalist band member for PJ Harvey; and sometime Bad Seed with Nick Cave. JJ chose to represent our beloved mutt as a cheery nutt bursting through the bass drum of life with uncontainable enthusiasm. Uncannily realistic. Every Dog has his Day (and it says so on the back).

Modelled here by Bedlam's buddy Simon le Bon and, displaying the t-shirt back for you - in exchange for a cuddle from the hound himself - is our darling friend, favourite Musketeer & JK Rowling's hangdog gumshoe detective Cormoran Strike, Tom Burke. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY SIMON'S has "Whooof" on the front, that's his special thing and his alone.

For fans of James who might prefer to wear his work without muddling their admiration for him with the chaos that is us, we are doing a small number of shirts without the text, so dog only, nothing on the back.

Printed on soft tees made of 70% bamboo pulp viscose with 30% organic cotton, wash at 40 degrees.
中国‬ 狗年