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The "Clancey" double breasted overcoat


This double breasted overcoat is named in tribute to Andrew Clancey, proprietor-manager of "Any Old Iron", emporium of fantastical fashion in Nashville, TN. Made in Harris Tweed of a warm, peaty brown it has real horn buttons and the sample has a silk lining printed with the Bedlam signature motif of the Clink Street gaoler's handcuffs. If you go bespoke, for £1400, you can choose whatever colour you prefer. Roger Daltrey had the Who target in his.

We thought you might like to see a picture of the namesake in said coat, but please note Andrew has on the sample so the arms are a little long on him. When you order yours, we will measure your arms.

Also pictured is Jakub, Bedlam's in-da-house model, looking sultry in a (c) behind-the-scenes shot by Deborah Adelabu, Ben's assistant.

And the little one is Roger Daltrey.